Monday, August 31, 2015

Lots That Are Available In and Around Atenas

There are many lots available around Atenas for you to build a new home, or even just to invest in if you desire. Some of the lots we know about offer opportunities for both. Just click the Lot tab and check them out for yourself...

Villas de Atenas - New Homes Under $200,000

Villas de Atenas is a small private development with a beautiful shared community center and great views of Atenas and the Central Valley. It is located in the barrio of Morazan about a 15 minute drive from downtown Atenas, Costa Rica, which you will find to be about the best centralized location in Costa Rica. In addition, Atenas' claim to fame is that it was voted to have one of the Best Climates in the World. Plans are for a total of 5 homes, and two have now been built. If you are looking to get away from it all, this could be a great place to retire or have a vacation home. And, the homes are priced well below $200,000. - Please click the tab above for complete details.

Many Housing Opportunities, and More

We are expats from Nashville, TN and have lived in Atenas, Costa Rica for almost 8 years now. We have become familiar with some great deals on properties here in Atenas that may interest you. Please be assured that we are not in the Real Estate business and that this site was developed to show you some of those properties available that we know very well. Mainly because, the owners are friends of ours. For this reason, I designed this blog to provide more exposure for these opportunities. Now, take a look below to see what they have to offer...

PS: If you want to know more about us, our backgrounds and what we are doing now, please click the about us tab.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Casa de Mango is Now on the Market

#19 Hacienda Atenas SOLD
Owned by Pete & Stef

Yes, this is our home and property that we have decided to sell

For some strange reason, I got the bug to build a new home that I intend to be our final home. Whether you know it or not, I really enjoy getting involved in the construction of homes in Costa Rica. Never did that when living in the US for some reason, but here it is fun. Besides, at my age - I need to stay busy.

When we were looking for lots to build on, the first thing I wanted (as a lot of others do) - is a lot with an outstanding view. But our Spanish teacher, who is a Tica, taught me different. She said "look for a lot with building potential that may have a small view - not just one that has just a big view with no property for expansion" - She was right - Lot #19 in Hacienda Atenas was a perfect choice, and I could feel that the first time I stepped foot on it.  - We bought it the next day.

When we built Casa de Mango, we had specific things in mind:

A very warm and comfortable place for us and our friends to enjoy. Taking these desires into consideration we built a home that:
  • Has two identical master suites that are large and comfortable. One up and one down for privacy.
  • A great smooth-flowing floor plan that makes every room very easy to get to.
  • A very efficient 3-step kitchen with all the needed appliances.
  • Plenty of outside living areas to enjoy and entertain.
  • A very well-designed pool and pool deck to enjoy with a Rancho that has all the necessities for us and our guests that include outdoor grilling with seating and a separate bath and outdoor shower. 
Then, we built a beautiful guest house for our friends to enjoy. This includes two large separate apartments that we can even rent out when our friends are not here. In fact, last year the rental income alone was in excess of $12,000 - not to mention the US Tax advantages we received.

Finally, after a couple of good years of having great rainy seasons, the efforts of our landscaping in our yard is starting to take hold and look outstanding. Now, we are talking about almost 2 acres of land here. 

Now, please take some time and read the specific details that we have provided:  Click the tab above for complete details

After you see what we have to offer and I am sure you will find it a great value. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Great Pre-Owned Homes

#58 Hacienda Atenas - Atenas, Costa Rica - SOLD

We have some dear friends and neighbors who have a beautiful home in probably the best private community in Atenas - Why do I say it's the best? Because we live there! This home has been featured in magazines, AARP articles, and even on the cover of a book. Because our friends are only here a few months a year, they really don't need a home this extravagant. It probably has some of the best views around where you can look east to San Jose, or west to the Pacific. You owe to yourself to check it out on the Homes tab...

 #18 Paraiso Escondido - Atenas Costa Rica - SOLD

There is also a real estate/developer friend of ours from Little Rock, AK who just built and furnished a very nice large guest house and caretaker's house on a beautiful landscaped lot that is on 1.75 acres. He left the upper main building plantel open for the main house to be built. This is located in a real nice private community about 10 minutes west of Atenas just off the Road to Jaco. This guy spent about a year getting all of this built, landscaped and furnished, now he decides that he wants to sell it, and why I have no idea. However, he recently told me that he just enjoys building a nice place, selling it, and then doing it again. Because of this, it would be in your best interest to check this property out because it represents a tremendous opportunity for you to have a great place to live in while your new main home is being built above. A new home that offers tremendous potential and fantastic views. Just click the Homes tab to see more.

Please Note: Because of the extent of detail that we put into these listings, we will only be able to put two homes on each page.